John J. Desmond

Retired Partner-in-Charge of the Long Island Office Grant Thornton LLP

Mr. Desmond joined the Board in 2016 and is Chair of the Audit Committee and a member of the Compensation and Risk Committees. Previously, he was Partner-In-Charge of the Long Island office of Grant Thornton LLP from 1988 through his retirement from the firm in 2015, having served over 40 years in the public accounting industry. Mr. Desmond’s experience included serving as lead audit partner for many public and  privately held companies. Mr. Desmond was elected by the U.S. Partners of Grant Thornton LLP to be a Partnership Board Member from 2001 through 2013. The Board was responsible for oversight of many of the firm’s activities including strategic planning, the performance of the senior leadership team and financial performance. Mr. Desmond also serves or has served as a director for various publicly held and not-for-profit entities.

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